Custom Capital Solutions.
Creative Ideas.
Objective Advice.

Why Hamlin?

In addition to customizing capital solutions to your institution’s needs, Hamlin Capital Advisors can guide you through the borrowing process to help you make the best choices to further your long-term mission.

Our six-step approach involves working closely with you and your board to define your organization’s precise needs, and structuring your debt to maximize your financial flexibility.

Hamlin’s approach is characterized by:

  • Close collaboration
  • A willingness and ability to innovate
  • Professional guidance through a complex process
  • Hands-on service
  • An unwavering commitment to ethical business practices
  • Open, timely and honest communication

By working with Hamlin, your organization will benefit from:

  • More-efficient access to the tax-exempt debt capital market
  • Greater certainty of financing
  • Opportunity for substantially lower interest costs over the life of your debt
  • Debt terms crafted to your particular situation

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