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For nonprofit borrowers who access capital markets only infrequently, it can be daunting to pick a financing plan that may obligate a community or hospital for as much as 30 years. Board members have significant responsibility to make the right decisions today and avoid saddling future boards with the consequences of poor financial decisions.

To this end, Hamlin seeks to provide your institution with thoughtful, innovative and carefully conceived financial solutions. By offering an objective view, we can help you choose the best financing option for your organization, and we can provide you with the professional help you need to have confidence in your institution’s long-term financial stability.

Many lenders have a financial incentive to commit you to debt products that benefit them. As an independent financial advisor, Hamlin’s incentive is to help you succeed.

Individuals in our firm have been through business cycles for more than 25 years—giving us the perspective and knowledge to help you make the right long-term decisions in both good and difficult times.

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