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Financial Advisory

The vast majority of large nonprofit or government borrowers—from universities and health systems to local governments, states and even countries—rely on financial advisors to help them manage their capital needs and obtain more attractive terms.

Shouldn’t senior housing communities and other smaller nonprofit borrowers take equal advantage of the benefits a municipal financial advisor can provide?

With the guidance and leadership of Hamlin Capital Advisors, you can expect:

  • Increased efficiency. Small details can cost you big money. By focusing on those details, we minimize the costs of your financing.
  • Innovation. We have a reputation for developing creative solutions to your financial challenges. We look for new ways to make it possible for you to pursue your existing project with less debt.
  • Help meeting your fiduciary responsibility. As a fiduciary for your organization, you are obligated to ensure your financing is appropriately priced and structured. We understand your responsibilities and can help you make these determinations with confidence.
  • Customized solutions. Through close collaboration, we make sure your financing is tailored to your needs, not those of your lenders.
  • Risk management. We keep you and your board informed about the potential risks for your organization of each type of financing, and we work closely with you to manage them appropriately.
  • Support for your mission. The financing option you select must uphold your organization’s mission into perpetuity; our job is to support you as you seek to fulfill that obligation.