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Customized Financing

Given the importance and complexity of securing the right financial solutions, you need a partner who can consider your interests as you navigate the debt capital markets and evaluate the agendas and products of bond underwriters and banks.

At Hamlin Capital Advisors, we can develop a customized financing plan for your institution, providing creative ideas for access to special financing structures to help you achieve your objectives—often at a lower overall cost and with less restrictive terms than those available from banks and other debt-market participants.

We are more than a member of your financing team—we are your partner, invested in your long-term success and fully committed to your mission.

Benefits of customized financing

  • Preserve and facilitate your organization’s mission through custom-tailored, commonsense covenants and creative bond structures, which can enhance the financial security of your current and future residents.
  • Just-in-time delivery of funding can generate large savings for new borrowing
  • An enhanced ability to prepay bonds, which can help reduce your institution’s debt position
  • Maintain the opportunity to identify and take advantage of attractive capital market conditions as they arise
  • Potentially realize significantly lower interest costs and increased financial flexibility

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