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Are There Landmines in Your Bank’s Documents?

  • Right of “set-off” against bank deposit accounts. Your bank can take your money from your account first, and then you can argue about it later.
  • “Gross-up” provisions. Your bank can increase your interest rate at its sole discretion, due to regulatory changes that increase the bank’s capital requirements.
  • “Material adverse change” (MAC) clauses. Your bank can call your debt early, regardless of its maturity date, for any reason it deems “material and adverse.”
  • “Hair-trigger” defaults. Small violations of the debt terms—nonmaterial, nonpayment-related defaults—can generate enormous negative financial consequences for your institution.
  • “Mother-May-I” provisions: Banks will often require you to obtain their permission before pursuing strategically important actions, which can restrict your ability to take up key initiatives.

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