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Presbyterian Village North

Presbyterian Village North

The Situation

Presbyterian Village North (PVN) has been serving Dallas-area seniors since 1980. Its 63-acre campus has undergone many improvements in those years. To further enhance its available resources and strengthen its ability to achieve its mission, PVN sought to expand its facilities in key areas.

The Challenge

PVN needed a plan of finance that:

  • Minimized the financing risks to the community
  • Was customized to the needs of their project
  • Would be funded over time to reduce construction interest costs
  • Was structured to provide PVN with long-term permanent capital

Presbyterian Village North

The Hamlin Solution

Working closely with Hamlin Capital Advisors to develop an appropriate strategy, PVN was able to achieve all of its financing goals. In late 2014, PVN finalized the financing of its planned expansion, which included an additional 104 independent living units, 71 assisted living units, and a new 60-unit transitional care facility to serve the neighborhoods and hospitals of North Dallas.

These new additions will be constructed on PVN’s spacious campus with a goal of serving existing residents, while expanding future opportunities to serve new residents.

“Despite having numerous capital sources to select from, PCS and PVN selected Hamlin as its preferred capital partner. The Hamlin relationship reflects the value of a long-term partnership and the creativity of the financing.”*

Godwin G. Dixon, President and CEO

Presbyterian Communities and Services
Parent organization of Presbyterian Village North

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